Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Perfect Storm Is Forming

In the last week we have received over 1.6 inches of rain that is encouraging the rough to grow out of control. In a typical week we are able to completely mow the rough three times, which keeps it short, dense and highly playable.

Over the holiday weekend and into today the rough was not mowed due to the conditions being overly wet and physical damage would occur to the golf course from the machinery used for mowing. This week we will be hard pressed to get the rough mowed once let alone twice. This coming Friday is our fist major tournament of the year (The Tradition) which will keep us off the course for the majority of the day.

In all likelihood we will not be able to catch back up with the rough until next week when we have an uninterrupted work schedule. This rapid growth of the rough is problematic, but at the same time it is great for filling in areas that were damaged by winter kill and the irrigation installation.

Now more than ever there will be a premium for keeping your ball in the fairway and out of the heavy rough. If you are unable to stay out of the rough, be sure to contact the golf shop staff for tips on how to play out of the thick stuff.