Sunday, February 8, 2009

Take Two

We have now begun to move into the second and final phase of the irrigation renovation work. This process began with the contractor re-mobilizing late this week. I was able to get them back on site a full month ahead of schedule in order to make up for not achieving all of our goals for 2008.

Initially they will be working on their equipment, preparing it for the upcoming work load as well as completing loose end items. Main line installation should resume one week from now on the remaining five holes. After the mainline installation is complete, work will once again begin with the lateral pipe and sprinkler head installation.

With any cooperation from the weather during this time, I feel we should easily be able to meet our contacted completion date of mid June.


Graeme Taylor HGK St Andrews said...

Just come across your blog for the first time today, and I must say it is a great read and a valuable communication tool.

I have a similar one for the maintenance activities on the Jubilee Course St Andrews Links. I started mine, last February as well, but let the entries lapse during the busy high season. I dont intend making that mistake again. Feel free to drop by. I dont use blogging software, but write the HTML code every day myself.

I hope you dont mind but I have added a link to this blog on my website :

Unknown said...


Thanks for the comments. I would be happy to have you put a link to my site on your page, the more people that see it the better. Very impressive that you write your own HTML every day. Keep up the good work and i will look forward to visiting your site frequently.