Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring Cleanup

It seems as if we always go from zero to one hundred each year as spring begins to show signs of being around the corner. On Saturday we were under an inch of new snow cover with no chance of play occurring. Then Sunday comes along and it’s in the sixties and everybody all of a sudden wants to play golf.

At that point in time Sunday the golf course was not physically ready for play because of the last two and a half months of winter build up. This would include things like layers of Pine needles and Elk crap covering most of the playing surfaces.

The golf course maintenance staff spent the entire day on Monday blowing off the debris on the golf course. This cleanup needed to take place before these areas could be mowed and prepared for play.

Blowing off tees

Blowing off greens

The mowing that took place will help start the growing process by removing the dead leaf tissue, which will make way for new growth too occur. The greens had the least amount of leaf removed, while the fairways had a tremendous amount of material that was cut off. The fairways now have a light greenish tinge to them showing signs of what is to come.

First mowing of the greens
Bailing hay on the fairways