Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back To Digging

After a two month layoff we have once again begun to install mainline piping. The contractor has resumed were they left off last fall on the first fairway of the eleventh hole.

The remaining holes of mainline will be installed in the following sequence; 11,12,16,15,14 and finally 13. This sequence is necessary because we are working around the areas where frost is still in the ground. The mainline was intentional routed in Southern exposure areas for this reason alone, knowing that the installation would be taking place during the time when frost in the ground would be likely.

Additionally the mainline need to reach the twelfth hole ASAP, due to the fact that the new communication cable needs to be connected to the maintenance facility. With out the new communication cable we cannot begin testing the integrity of the wire path, as well as running the new system from the central computer located in my office. Without this, all satellite controllers in the field will have to be run manually which is time consuming and not in the best interest of running the new system efficiently.