Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hooking Up

We have moved closer to actually having power service to the new Booster Pump station that was constructed on the driving range. There have been many struggles along the way with getting power service to the station such as; easement issues, short time frames for installation and once again rock.

During the installation of the new three phase power lines IREA encountered significant rock that could not be trenched through. At this time we had only another 75 feet to go until we would be at the point of connection for the switch. Like everything we have encountered during the irrigation project nothing has gone exactly to plan. After additional delays it was decided that a temporary above ground connection would be the most cost effective solution for getting service to the Booster station.

Within the next 90 days the above ground power poles will be removed to accommodate development, at that time our permanent power connection will be made.

New Transformer In Place

Setting The Temporary Pole

Connecting The Lines