Friday, February 20, 2009

Powered Up

After many delays we finally have the new Booster Station online and pumping water. This new station provides the water service to the upper holes on the golf course that includes; the driving range, #1, #2 and #3.

This area is described as the “high pressure zone” due to the fact that the water is pressurized to 100 PSI in order to adequately operate these upper holes. There are more than 800 heads that run in this high pressure zone alone.

The main pump station (the low pressure zone) is discharging water at 60 PSI and by the time it reaches the top of the hill the pressure has dropped to 10 PSI. From that point forward the pressure will build through gravity as the water works its way down more than 600 ft of elevation change. These huge elevation changes cause dramatic changes in pressure, which was one of the key problems in the old system design that lead to premature failures.

The creation of two separate pressure zones will allow us to operate the entire system at a lower pressure, therefore greatly reducing the problem of future failures.

View of the control panel in the Booster Station

Winter cannons operating in the "high pressure zone"