Monday, July 7, 2008

Worn Down

As the summer progresses so does that amount of wear and tear that the golf course receives. We are now into our busiest months as far as play goes with round totals nearing 4000 players per month. That is a lot of golf going through a golf course that was not designed with that amount of play in mind.

The above picture shows the exit point from #9 fairway to the cart path. This area is the single most trafficked area on the golf course. This type of wear is the reason that the carts are limited on this hole to three days a week. Great efforts are made to give this area a chance at survival, such as additional fertility and aerification to the rough leading to the cart path.

The green committee at our last meeting looked at this area and how traffic and pace of play could be improved. After much discussion the concept of re-installing the old cart path finger that was at the northeastern end of the fairway was given consideration. This path was removed fifteen years ago, because the exit point was not properly managed and created a large dead area extending into the fairway. We as a committee will be pursuing this idea at the next several meetings.

Stay tuned.