Thursday, July 3, 2008

Poking Holes

In the last 45 days we have had on .68” of precipitation and the short comings of the irrigation system are in full view. Not only have there been numerous component failures, but the sprinkler coverage is far less than perfect. Many localized dry spots have shown up in the fairways and they are incredibly hard to re-wet once the thatch layer has dried out. We have been using wetting agents drenches in spots to penetrate with moderate success levels and have recently begun spiking fairway areas.

View Of Spiker / Seeder

We have a needle tine drum seeder that works great to create surface holes the size of a pencil tip that penetrates the turf surface. The tines will go down to a depth of 1.5inches with a spacing of one inch. These surface holes now allow for easier water penetration into these problematic fairway areas.

Close Up Of Holes In Fairway