Friday, July 11, 2008

Irrigation Blues

Go figure as the heat begins to steadily increase, so too have the number of recent irrigation breaks. In the last week and a half we have had a total of nine breaks. Two of the breaks have been mainline and the other seven were lateral breaks. Not only do the breaks disrupt the play areas they occur in, but they also waste water due to the fact that many of them occur at night. The breaks are at times not discovered until the following morning and who knows how long break has been running and how much water goes down the drain.

In additional to the multiple breaks taking place, there are many areas throughout the course that the wear and tear of the irrigation system is clearly showing. When looking at the golf course, virtually any imperfection or discoloration is directly related to the failing components of the irrigation system. Recently I have been told by my local distributor that the replacement parts I need are no longer made. This becomes is a huge problem, because now rather than only replacing at $20 dollar part on a sprinkler I now have to purchase an entirely new head at the cost of $118.