Friday, September 18, 2009

Here We Go Again

After recently completing one of the largest construction projects in club history, we are now set to begin another major renovation project. In the next week or so we will begin construction of the driving range improvement plan.

The Green Committee has been the driving force behind the renovation plan. At the committee level we have been talking about a concept plan for the last three years and only recently was this moved to the front of the line. The timing might seem a little off following a high dollar irrigation renovation, but the price was right for more than 18,000 yards of dirt. We will be receiving this dirt free of charge from the Golf Club who also is doing a major driving range renovation.

The concept behind our driving range plan is to create better visibility of the landing area along with the construction of realistic target greens for purposeful practicing. Currently there is limited visibility of golf balls beyond 150 yards off the tee, so it is a guess to how far you are actually hitting the ball. The teeing ground is also undersized for our highly active membership which makes establishing high quality a difficult proposition. The new driving range will include an elevated oversized tee, new target greens that will be moved out of the central corridor of the range landing area to help with visibility.

Another component of the renovation plan will be the addition of a three hole par 3 course on the far eastern end of the driving range. At this point in the renovation plan, this portion will be phase two of this project and will not happen until a future date when funding becomes available. Until then we will be rough shaping in the future par three features as the dirt comes in to our site.

We have an opportunity to take what is the biggest negative of the golf course and turn it into a tremendous positive. Upon completion of these improvements we will not doubt have one of the best practices facilities in the state if not the entire country. Stay tuned...