Monday, September 28, 2009


Today was the first day that material was actually brought in, so this marks the official beginning of the driving range renovation. With today being the first day of hauling the contractor was trying to get the feel of how many trucks will be needed to efficiently haul the material to us from the Golf Club. Only three trucks were running today and starting tomorrow their will be seven trucks hauling, which will allow us to import nearly 1400 yards a day.

I am projecting that it will take a total of ten days to haul the necessary fill material for the tee pad and after that time a final grade can be established on the new tee. Following that other components of the tee construction will take place such as, irrigation, drainage, spreading rootzone mix and finally sodding.

Many factors need to remain in place over the next several days, but the most important one will be the weather. Rain can and will cause delays to this project by effecting our ability to haul in material and add to the areas of disturbance due to overly soft soils.

The first truck

Trucks filling the lower tee pad
The Dozer pushing the dirt around