Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aerification is Done

Over the last three days the golf course was closed for aerification and things could not have been smoother with the operation.

We were fortunate to not have any equipment issues thanks to the hard work and dedication of Equipment Manager Chris Maurer and his assistant Anton Johnson. This was no small task due to the number of pieces of equipment that were utilized durring the aerification process. A big thank you needs to go out to some of my fellow Superintendent's and a local distributor who loaned me several pieces of equipment that made our success possible.

All of the main play areas such as greens, tees and fairways were aerified and are well on their way to recovery. We have changed our philosophy a bit in how we approach aerification by using smaller tines with a closer spacing to achieve the desired result. I believe this combination will allow the golf course to be more playable initially and help reduce the overall recovery time. Combined on the 24 acres that were aerifed more than 50 million holes were punched and cleaned up.No small task!

Below is a time lapse of photos that were take every 5 minutes while #18 fairway was being aerified. The fairway is a little over 34,000 ft and six units made quick work of it completing the aerification in just 30 minutes.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy following your blog. I have acouple questions; what is your spacing in fairways? What size of tine do you use in fairways? How many pro cores do you use in fairways? Thanks for the post

Ty Lewis
Desert Canyon Golf Club
Fountain Hills AZ

Unknown said...


Thanks for the comments. With the Procore we use 1.5" spacing with 3/8" tines. we used a total of six units on the fairways. The quality of the punch is hard to beat.

Scott Wheeler, CGCS said...

Hi Sean,

I stumbled across your blog some time ago and keep returning as it you have some really good stuff.

Scott Wheeler, CGCS
Gorge Vale GC
Victoria BC