Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Native Mowing

Every fall when we mow the native grasses it is done for reasons other than just mowing it down. One of the most important reasons we mow is for weed control. The control of unwanted weeds by mowing is most effective when it is done prior to weed seeds being produced. There are times that we mow the native in the spring as well as fall when weed pressures are high.

The most effective means for controlling weed species is through the employment
of integrated weed management. This approach uses a minimum of two or more
control strategies to prevent weeds from adapting to any single control method.

Integrated Weed Control Techniques

Mechanical control
These include tilling, mowing, burning, flooding,
mulching, pulling, hoeing, or grazing.

Chemical control
This includes the use of herbicides or plant growth
regulators to disrupt the growth of noxious weeds.

Biological control
Uses organisms to control noxious weeds. Although there has been some success on some noxious weeds, bio-control agents are not available for all species.