Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aerification Update Day 2

After a slow start on Monday because of the weather, yesterday we made up some of the lost time. Greens and tees have been completed; the only area that is still lagging a little behind is the fairways.

The Graden (de-thatching) has been done on all of the fairways, but the cleanup is still taking place on the back nine fairways at this point. In addition to the cleanup the fairways will be overseeded with Bentgrass and need to have compost applied.

The compost acts as a cover for the seed, as well as providing the necessary nutrients for growth of existing turf as well as the new seedlings once they emerge. The compost applications make up more than 80% of my total fertility applied to the fairways in a given growing season.

More than likely there will be some carry over into tomorrow morning with the final cleanup on #16 and #18 fairways. We will do our best to minimize the impact on play as we complete the cleanup process.