Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Building a Compound

As more and more of the materials for the new irrigation system arrive on site, the size of the compound also grows. We are currently receiving all of the wire, pipe, valves, fittings and equipment to install the system and it has been hard to keep up the never ending convoy of trucks.

The picture below shows the elasticity of the HDPE pipe. If this was done with conventional PVC pipe, the structural integrity would be compromised and would lead to future problems. This is one of the key reasons that we have decided to go with HDPE due to the ability to expand, contract and bend without any damage to the integrity of the pipe.

We are fortunate to have a sizable place on site that these materials can be stored until they are ready to be installed. Over the next several days some of the pipe for the mainline will be laid out on the first several holes. This is being done to help speed the installation process. Each section of pipe is 50 feet and is not easy to get around, so the more staging that can be done the better. After some of the pipe has been staged the fusing process will begin, so that large sections of pipe will be ready to go into the ground as the contractor moves along.