Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today marks the first day of mobilization for irrigation contractor on site at CCCP. They will begin setting up their compound on the far eastern end of the driving range. At this location they will be storing all of the materials necessary for the installation of the new irrigations system.

The materials will be coming in over the next several days and at that time some of these items such as pipe will be staged at various areas throughout the course. The staging will be done to help facilitate a more efficient installation, largely due to the handling of the bulky pipe. The 16” mainline pipe comes in 20’ sections and each weighs nearly 1000lbs.

Actual installation of pipe will not begin until next Monday the 8th, but some preliminary work will begin around the course before that time. Some of the items that will take place are satellite controller installation and the mainline tie in. The tie in point is located at the first tee and will hopefully done this coming Friday.