Saturday, March 22, 2008

Original Construction Photos

Future Clubhouse Site

Looking Across Holes #8,#9,#10 and #18
#11 in The Foreground
#17 Green Shelled Out
Looking Across #10 and #9
Nice View of Several Holes
This winter while doing a little house keeping I stumbled upon a couple of boxes that contained numerous slides. Taking the time to hold each of the sides up to the light since we do not have a slide projector, I discovered some old construction photos of the golf course. These photos date back to 1985 and show the course from a helicopter during construction. It is amazing to look back on some of these and see how construction equipment traffic flows are still visible 23 years later. These areas are still to this day the most difficult to maintain do to the severe compaction that took place at the time of construction. What is also striking about the pictures is the lack of development in the village as well as the meadow off in the distance.

Looking to The West at Holes #1 and #2
Hole #3 (Notice Construction Traffic Patterns)
#5 Green Looking Back Towards Tees
Hole #6
#6 Green and #7 in The Distance