Friday, March 28, 2008

On Site Water Treatment

The Country Club utilizes effluent water as its irrigation water source which is great from a water conservation stand point, but the quality of the water brings a unique set of management problems with it. The main concerns with effluent water are the increased levels of soluble salts, sodium, bicarbonates, and heavy metals that can have a negative impact on soil structure. Additionally some plant species such as Ponderosa Pines are particularly susceptible to these additional nutrient inputs.
These factors have forced us to seek additional treatment of the water to minimize the damage caused to the golf course by the water quality. For the last eight years we have been treating our water with Ozone to help offset the poor water quality. This year we have added Carbon Dioxide injection to our treatment process to address the high PH found in the irrigation water. The PH coming from the treatment plant ranges from 7.8 to 8.2 depending on the time of year the sampling is done. We will now be lowering the PH down to the 6.8 to 7.0 range which will have a very positive effect on all of the plant materials that the water is utilized on.

The Treatment Involves The Following Processes

The Oxygen Diffusion System is designed to increase dissolved oxygen above supersaturated levels. Highly dissolved oxygen in irrigation water can help alleviate turf grass stress by developing a stronger root system and reduce disease that promotes a healthier greener course. Increased dissolved oxygen creates an aerobic(1) environment that encourages a balanced condition throughout ponds and irrigation.

PH Control
The Carbon Dioxide Diffusion Systems is highly effective for dissolving CO2 into water, which lowers and maintains pH levels. Tests have proven that feeding turf grass with pH controlled water has a direct effect on lowering pH levels in soil and in turn has a positive effect on the root zones thereby reducing the amounts of fertilizer and nutrients required.

The Ozone Diffusion Systems are easy to use, and environmentally friendly. These powerful and effective systems are designed to oxidize and kill Bacteria, Algae and Fungi’s that produce unpleasant odors in ponds. The process involves intense Ozonation, and therefore, microorganisms cannot develop a resistance to this treatment, since they have been oxidized. This technology gives superintendents the ability to treat poor quality and effluent water without the use of harsh chemicals. The treated water can then be recycled into irrigation systems and ponds throughout the course.

The Seair Treatment System

Additional Benefits Associated With Ozone and Carbon Dioxide Injection

• Improves overall water quality without chemicals

• Diffuses high concentrations of O2, O3 and or CO2 into water

• Transforms anaerobic water into aerobic water

• Lowers pH levels in irrigation which lowers pH levels in soil

• Reduces the amount of costly Fertilizers, Fungicides and Pesticides required

• Promotes stronger and healthier root systems throughout course

• Runoff and effluent water can be effectively recycled to irrigation and ponds

• Eliminates odors from ponds

• Reduces surface tension of the water

• Makes Sodium and Chlorides more soluble in solution allowing better leaching

The Carbon Dioxide Storage Tank
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