Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cart Traffic Repair

Numerous areas on the golf course receive an overwhelmingly high amount of cart traffic due to limited exit and entry points. These areas are managed differently that the rest of the course to handle the abuse they take on a daily basis. Even with these efforts to manage these areas well still will end up re-sodding several of them each year.

Some of the additional maintenance practices that take place to these areas are higher fertility, additional aerification and daily cart traffic flow management.

A Newly Sodded Cart Path Exit Point

Many of the high flow traffic areas receive nearly twice the amount of fertilizer and aerification than the other rough areas on the golf course. The reason we do this is to give the grass an advantage in repairing itself by providing it additional food and relief from compaction caused by cart traffic. A large portion of our daily course setup is dedicated to managing cart flow with the use of ropes and directional signs. In the peak of summer when play is exceeding 200 rounds per day we move some of the ropes and signs twice in one day. Needles to say it is an uphill battle we are fighting, but I believe we are staying ahead of the curve.