Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Discoloration on The Greens

The discolored spots you are seeing on #4,#10 and #12 greens are not winter kill, but rather chemical suppression of Poa Annua. Throughout the year we treat all of the playing surfaces for Poa Annua control. These applications come in two different forms the first is a pre-emergent application and the second is a post emergent.
The pre-emergent herbicides are applied to the greens each spring and fall just prior to aerification. This is done so that the voids that are created by the aerification holes do not germinate with Poa Annua.
The post emergent applications are made on a weekly basis to the greens and fairways, and the main objectives of these are to reduce the completive advantage of the Poa. When the Poa is in a weakened state the Bentgrass is better able out grow and out compete the Poa for the surface space.