Friday, October 5, 2012

Tee Work

Now that aerification has been completed and the mowing of the golf course is slowing down we have begun some of our fall projects.

We will be working on several things such as drainage, irrigation expansion, Sodding, bunker renovations and tee leveling. Most of our seasonal staff will only be here for a few more weeks so we will be working as quickly as possible on the large list of things to get done before the weather changes.

The tee leveling will be one of the first things we get started with since they are the most time sensitive items. We need to have the new sod installed within the next two weeks to give the sod a chance to become established before the long winter sets in. The tees we will be focusing on are the 5 pine on #2, The upper 2 pine on #4 and the 2 pine on #9. These three are the worst of the worst and this creates a great starting point for us moving forward.
Sod Being Removed from #2 5 Pine

Ready For Regrading On #9 2 Pine
During construction these tees will be out of play and the tee markers will be placed on nearby tees of similar yardage.