Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Journey of a Grow In

For anyone who has grown in anything on a golf course or anywhere for that matter goes through a wide range of emotions through the process.  Like many things in life there are ups and downs along the way that help shape the journey.

In the beginning there is a tremendous amount of excitement and anxiety all rolled into one knowing that the success or failure  lies squarely on no one else's shoulders.  The excitement of what could and will be is the motivating factor from day one up until the completion of the grow in.  The excitement of seeing your first germination as predicted based on environmental conditions and years of agronomic experience. The pride that you feel when your protocols are producing exceptional results.   The impatience you feel when the seedlings are not growing fast enough.  The doubt  you feel when things don't  respond in the manor  you wish. The worry you feel when you push too hard and it causes a step backwards. The relief you feel when things get back on track and once again. The amazement  you feel  when literally watching the grass grow before your eyes as if it were a time lapse. In the end  the satisfaction of knowing that you created something that will be enjoyed by many people.

These are just some of the emotions you will go through during the growing process, some days you just might even experience them all in one day I know I have.

A Look At The 4 Week Old Turf

Receiving a Little Personal Attention


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