Friday, August 14, 2009

Off Color

In the fairways there are many areas that are discolored causing the fairway to look splotchy. This discoloration is the result of successive PGR (plant growth regulator) applications that target Poa Annua.

Discolored Poa Annua

Throughout the season we have been applying a rotation of different PGR's to the fairways on a weekly basis. The Poa is finally being discolored and weakened due to the cumulative effects of the chemical regulation in combination to warm weather finally arriving. Although the Poa is not dead, it is severely hurt and this will allow the Bentgrass to out compete it for surface area on the fairway. This is one of my key agronomic techniques that helps us control the level of Poa Annua populations in addition to tipping the scales in favor of Bentgrass the desired species.