Friday, April 3, 2009

Poa Management

As the greens are beginning to come out of dormancy, the injured Poa Annua is showing the effects of chemical treatment from last fall. Back in October the greens were treated with high rates of TGR (a plant growth regulator) to weaken and kill the Poa. These spots are now visible on the greens where the Poa is bleached out or white in color.

Poa Annua is a winter annual that begins to actively grow before the Bentgrass, which gives the Poa a competitive advantage. The chemical treatment has shifted the competitive balance in favor of the Bentgrass which, will now be able to reclaim some of the ground lost to the Poa over time. Fertility will be geared toward encouraging the Bentgrass to grow and fill in the voids created by the Poa Annua.