Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lateral Schedule

The lateral schedule will be as follows on the remaining holes on the golf course. These dates will be somewhat weather dependent, but the sequencing should remain true to the list below.

The only exception to this specific schedule, could be if we start to encounter significant problems with the old system on holes that have not yet been converted. At that time we might have to switch the sequence of holes to deal with the problems we might be encountering.

Lateral Schedule To Be Completed By

  • The week of April 10th #16
  • The week of April 17th #15/#14
  • The week of April 24th #13/#12
  • The week of May 1st #11
  • The week of May 8th #10/#17
  • The week of May 15th #18
  • The week of May 22nd #9
  • The week of May 29th #8
  • The week of June 5th #7/#6