Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aerification Day Two

Things have continued to progress nicely with aerification. All of the sand and compost has been applied to the areas that were aerifed and seeded.

Since then, we have spent much of our time cleaning up behind these applications of materials. This has come in the form of brushing in the sand and compost on the greens and fairways. After the material was worked in once water was applied to further move the material downward in to the open aerification holes.

The next step in the process was to mow greens to help pick up any additional sand that was remaining on the surface. The greens look great after their initial mowing and you would be hard pressed to see any visible signs that anything was done to them.
Close up of green after mowing

A 1/2" screen is used in preparing the compost, which unfortunately lets some larger bark like material pass through. It is for this reason that the fairways are mowed in efforts to help chop up the larger materials found in the compost. It will take several mowings to fully breakdown the larger pieces remaining on the surface of the fairways. After a week or so anything that is still remaining on the surface will be blown off.
Close up of fairway after mowing