Saturday, March 14, 2009


The compass direction of the turf clearly affects the amount of sun it is likely to get as well as its exposure to wind and rain. A soil which faces south generally warms up more quickly which helps the turf green up earlier in the spring. These southern exposure areas become very useful in providing predicable timetables to the surrounding areas of turf that has not yet started the green up process.

Typically when southern exposure areas begin to green up I know that the other areas will follow with in the next two weeks. As the daytime temperatures rise and the days become longer the opportunity for manipulation of this situation becomes possible. We will begin to apply foliar fertilizers to help snap the plant out of dormancy and catch up with the turf that has a head start thanks to Mother Nature.

The two best fertilizer sources for cold weather response are Calcium Nitrate and Potassium Nitrate. We will begin to apply these products regularly until the desired effect takes place within the targeted turf area.

Here are two examples of heavily contoured greens that have drastically different exposures with in a 6000 square foot area. Click on the phots to see the text and color variations.