Friday, March 6, 2009

Greens Mowers

Our new mowers have arrived. This year, we have cut back the amount of money being spent on replacing equipment to our maintenance fleet. The two main factors behind the reduction would be the economy and the current irrigation renovation project.

This year our Capital equipment budget was reduced by nearly two thirds of our typical spending. Some of the pieces of equipment that were eliminated were a triplex mower, fairway aerifier and reel grinding equipment.

We have had great success in managing the equipment fleet by replacing most of the heavy use equipment in three to five year cycles. The severe terrain found on the golf course really takes its toll on the wear items of the equipment and ultimately reduces the overall life expectancy.

The equipment purchases that have been eliminated for this year are not permanent and will need to be made up at some point in the future. When better economic times return, hopefully then we will be able to once again replace the next items in the cycle. By doing so, will ensure that we have the best tools available to maintain the golf course to the level that is known and expected.