Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Old System Strikes Again

Today the latest failure on the old mainline was repaired. The break occurred on the steep hillside above #16 green. This mainline runs under the development road and is buried to a depth of at least twenty feet. Due to the depth of the pipe being out of reach of our equipment, we made the decision that the best way to repair it was to completely abandon a 300 ft stretch of pipe. The 6" mainline was cut and capped on each side side of the road effectively eliminating the break.

The only reason we could abandon this stretch of pipe is the fact that the new mainline has been recently installed on the same hole and a cross connection can be utilized. This cross connection will feed into the old mainline and allow us to get water to this portion of the golf course. One of the biggest challenges in this project has been keeping both old and new systems working by a series of cross connections and in this case we would be out of luck if the cross connection did not exist.

Digging on #16 side of the Road

Digging on #17 side of the road

Installing the end cap on the pipe