Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter Rules

You would be hard pressed to know it’s the middle of November right now, but the grass sure does. Even with these unseasonably warm temperatures the turf has shut down and is no longer producing new leaf tissue. Although there is still a lot of activity taking place inside the plant and root system, the vertical growth has come to an end.

It is for this reason that from this point forward until next April carts will be on the paths only. This is something we do every year to protect the golf course from excessive wear and tear when the turf is no longer actively growing. Once growth shuts down the plant loses its ability to repair itself from the damage caused by divots, ballmarks and most especially golf carts.

If we did not take measures to protect the golf course during this period of time, we could conceivably lose the positive agronomic improvement’s made from this growing season.

We will still be allowing member’s with handicap flag needs to drive on the grass due to low number of individuals who have accessibility issues.