Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Specialty Watering

There are many unique areas on the golf course that require a precise application of water. This is dealt with by using smaller residential type sprinkler heads to apply the water to these limited areas.

Great care and thought was taken to identify these areas throughout the golf course in the new irrigation design. These small zones of water will help trouble hot spots and also reduce overthrow into areas where the additional water is not needed or wanted.

Two years ago twenty two bunkers were added during the renovation and much of our time since then has been spend hand watering the grass surrounds. The use of low flow popup spray heads will apply water to the entire bunker surrounds, with out washing the sand from the faces. These heads will apply water measured in gallons per hour rather than in gallons per minute, which is the key to keeping the steep grass areas watered properly.

Spray Heads on a Bunker Bank

The “Hunter zones” refer to a type of small throw heads that apply water to areas where a throw of only 30 feet is needed. There are many areas in the rough that are very tight in spacing and require these shorter throwing heads to properly water them. The short throw helps reduce the overthrow into areas such as native grasses and fairways where the additional water is not wanted.

Hunter Zone in Action