Thursday, November 13, 2008


One of the keys to the overall success of the irrigation renovation has be the accurate identification of existing irrigation components. This has been done by my staff using “as built” maps along with a wire locator.

In order for the existing system to remain active great care must be taken by the contractor when crossing all of the pipes and wire. Each of the locations is accurately marked with paint, so that each can be potholed before the heavy equipment comes through. Potholing is the process of hand digging the area and exposing the pipe or wire, so that it can be cut back and out moved out of the way.

Paint Showing Location of Existing Irrigation

Potholed Exposed Pipe and Wires
Located Pipe and Wires Cut Back

Repaired Pipe and Wires

After the new mainline is installed, the old pipe and wires are reconnected exactly as they were prior to the disruption. Without this level of care being taken the old irrigation system will not operate properly. This is critical because many of the old irrigation components still need to work properly until they are replaced, which in some areas will not be until next June.