Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One is Done

After a two step process with the initial mainline installation followed by laterals and heads, the first hole is now complete. The future begins now with the new highly sophisticated system in place and now the steep learning curve starts.

On the first hole the old irrigation system had only 112 heads, whereas the new system now has 204 heads. The reason for the significant increase in heads is due to the fact that a closer spacing has been achieved. The old heads were spaced at 70ft, the new heads are spaced at 55ft. This closer head spacing now allows for a more even application of water to the play areas.

The other factor that increased the number of heads is that we now have the ability to water the fairways separately from the rough. We now have a true separation of water areas due to the use of part circle heads that are designed to water specific areas only. This is the biggest difference compared to our old system, where all areas were watered with out the ability to separate areas due to overthrow.