Friday, October 17, 2008


We have begun working on the ditch crossing between the first and second fairway on the eleventh hole. As you are all aware this has been a problematic area for cart traffic flows.

Over the years this area has either been completely closed off to carts or has had traffic flows regulated. Even with traffic regulation this area has produced turf conditions that are less than favorable at the exit and entry points.

The plan to correct this problem involves re-grading a large portion of the ditch itself. We will be creating another crossing area in the ditch that will allow for better traffic flows. Additionally we will be softening the side slopes of the ditch, which causes most the cart issues causing a loss of traction while exiting the ditch.

One of the side benefits from this work taking place will be an overall improvement in playability of the golf hole. Currently balls that are hit down in the ditch are hard to find, let alone play of which causes pace of play issues. A portion of this area after re-grading will be irrigated and mowed down to normal rough height allowing for a better recovery from the ditch.