Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Exit Point

We have begun construction of a new cart path finger that will extend down towards the end of the fairway on the ninth hole. As you all know cart traffic is limited to the path half of the time, due to the fact the exit point is too small to handle the excessive wear and tear from the carts.

The area is currently being graded for a concrete finger that will allow the carts to climb the very steep incline from the fairway up to the existing path. Additionally great care is being taken to adequately screen the path from the teeing area. We are constructing mounding that is similar to others found on the hole, so that the path is not visible as well as keeping golf balls from hitting the path.

This concept was hatched at the Green Committee level last month as a way to get the carts on the grass more often. I believe this new path will help spread the traffic patterns a little more evenly than the current situation allows. It is my hope that the carts will be on the grass at least one if not two more days a week. This decision will be based weekly on how well these areas handle the traffic flows.

This is a win win situation because it gives me a better chance to keep the grass alive, as well as letting carts on the grass which will help with the pace of play.