Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tree Reports

From time to time we have outside consultants look at different areas on the golf course. One of the more visible areas that are observed is the overall health and appearance of our Ponderosa Pine forest. For the past thirteen years we have utilized Swingle Tree to manage our forest that the golf course is cut into. Swingle has handled all of the preventive spraying of the trees for IPS Bark Beetle as well as other selected services. Some of these other services that have been provided are: Iron injections, fertilizer drenches, anti-transparent applications and radial fracturing. The biggest obstacle we have in properly maintaining our trees comes from the water source the course is irrigated with. We utilize effluent or reclaimed wastewater which is environmentally responsible, but it comes with some significant negatives. The problem with the water is the high levels of sodium and chlorides both of which have negative effects towards plant growth. Below is the latest report from Swingle as to the overall health and condition of the trees on the golf course.