Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reclaiming Lost Green Surface

Golf courses are living breathing things that evolve over time, sometimes for the good and sometimes not. One of the more subtle changes that occur to the course is a gradual reduction in the size and shape of the putting greens surface. This has a negative effect on both wear and tear and a deviation from the original design intent. Daily mowing of the greens surface takes place with great care so that the collars areas are not scalped, this is what causes a gradual reduction in size and shape. We try to combat this problem by weekly applications of paint dots that show the operators where the proper mow lines are located. Even with this preventive measure, some reduction still takes place. This fall we took the opportunity to reclaim nearly 900 sqft of lost putting surface on #18 green. We have now easily gained 5 to 6 additional pin locations that have been lost over the last 23 years.

Red paint lines show lost original green contours

Newly laid sod matching up with existing green

A fully restored green surface


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