Monday, February 4, 2008

Tree Management

Golf course management encompasses not only the management of turfgrass, but the management of trees and other native plant materials. Trees can have negative impacts to the quality of turf. The tree canopy blocks direct sunlight from hitting the turf and slows the production of chlorophyll, which is a key component of active plant growth. Eleven green is a perfect example of how removing two trees that heavily shaded the green surface has improved the quality of turf significantly. Additionally trees that become overgrown as they mature can also have a negative effect on the playability and strategy of the golf course. The Country Club is 23 years old and several of the Ponderosa pines that were small at the time of construction, have become problematic over time. The pictures below show before and after shots of different holes and how the playability has now been improved due to tree removal. Not all of these trees were cut down as one of the pictures show several were relocated to other strategic locations on the golf course.
Hole #4 Before

Hole #4 After

Hole #6 Before

Hole #6 After

Hole # 10 Before

Hole # 10 After

Tree spade removing tree to be relocated