Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weekend Update

The first full week of renovation work has come to an end and we have made great progress along the way. We have met our week long goals and are in great position for the upcoming busy week.

Over the weekend the work slowed a bit with smaller crews in each day, but still we making steady progress. As mentioned before now that the large scale work has been completed we are focusing on the smaller detail work such as green/approach tie ins, sprinkler adjustments, amending approaches with compost and now expanding focus into fairway renovations as well. Tomorrow will be our final application of herbicides to cleanup Poa in the fairways which will be followed by multiple verti-cuttings and aerifcations. This will all be followed by seeding and topdressing of the fairways to complete the renovation process in this area.

Following green and fairway renovation will be tee aesthetic work, This will include minor tee leveling, adding about 2.5 acres of maintained turf around the tees as well the installation of concrete curbing.