Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Diversion

Ever since the bunker renovation took place on the golf course back in 2007 we have fought washout issues with some of the flashed sand faces.  This was to be expected and construction materials such as Geo textile  liners were utilized to help reduce the washouts, which they did for the most part.

Our most problematic bunker on the course from a washout standpoint was the left hand fairway bunker on the 18th hole.  We knew durring construction this we be an issue and did all we could given our financial limitations at the time to divert water flow.  What was done was not nearly enough and with recent talk about eliminating this bunker because of the labor drain to maintain it, we jumped into action.

 In my opinion this is a critical bunker that defines the tee shot on the closing hole and without it a key architectural and strategic element would be lost. 

During the renovation work we took great care to tie our re-grading into the existing contours and make the work appear to have never happened.  This was a challenge due to the fact we brought in nearly 200 yards of soil for this bunker alone. The end result is one that beefed up the bunker faces and a creation of a mound and swale to divert surface sheet flow of water around the bunker and not through it.

This bunker now has both form and function from an agronomic and architectural point and maybe instilling a little fear in the golfer as this being something avoided at all cost.

The Problem

The Result of Sheet Flow
The Solution Before/After