Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Too Many To Count

On the golf course there still exist many areas that have still not quite recovered from winter and most especially Elk urine kill.  It is a mixed blessing to have the abundance of wildlife on the course that we do, but it also presents numerous maintenance issues.

The Elk are beautiful to look at but the damage they leave behind can be devastating and very labor intensive to repair. Year after year the biggest challenge we face from the Elk is the Urine burn that occurs on all of the playing surfaces.  We typically will start repairing  greens and tees first and then move to fairways and finally the rough.  This year the rough is probably the most damaged area on the course.  The recovery has been slowed by less than favorably growing conditions this spring and a lack of resources to do the work.

Now that we are fully staffed for the season will will be putting a large focus on repairing these damaged areas by re-seeding them.  This will all be done by hand with the use of hand tools to prepare the surface for soil to seed contact.  Without this prep work the re-seeding will not be successful and further delay the recovery process.