Sunday, June 27, 2010


A couple of weeks ago when the weather began to heat up we had a flush of growth throughout the golf course. This occurred even with the use of growth regulation products.

The flush of growth helped us with some final recovery in the rough areas, but hurt us on a couple of the greens. The greens that were effected were some of our more contoured greens in which the mowers began scalping the turf. The scalping took place due to the fact that the turf got puffy from the excess growth and when the mower when over it scalping occurred.

On the greens which the scalping took place recovery has already begun and the good news is that the scalping does not effect the putting quality of the greens it is more of an aesthetic issue than anything else.


Golf Course Maintenance Sanctuary Cove said...


love your blog. has inspired me to start my own here in australia. would love some hints and tips on how you got yours looking so great. how did you insert your club logo and pic as a title?