Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is Spring Ever Coming?

I am beginning to wonder if we will ever warm up and start to get active growth of the turf.  The moisture we have been receiving in the last couple of weeks is great, but if soil temperatures do not increase growth will not take place.

We have started to green up but that is it.  We are still mowing in a modified (reduced) schedule of what we would normally be doing this time of year because of a lack of growth.  Soil temperatures are still in the upper 40's and peaking out in the low 50's durring the day when ambient temperatures are at their highest.  It seems like when we start to make positive steps in warming up the soil, we are thrown off track once again with unpredictable weather. A perfect example of this would be that yesterday we had a high temperature of 74 and today we have not gotten any higher than 39 degrees with snow coming down.

Enjoy the video below that shows today's wonderful working conditions.