Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aerification Woes

Today was the last of the three days we normally use to aerifiy the golf course in the spring and the weather has not cooperated.   This would be the first time i can remember that wind has caused delays in our aerification process.  Over the years we have had rain and snow delays but never wind.

Over the last three days the wind has been consistently blowing 10- 20 mph with gusts reaching 45mph.  This has made it impossible to overseed the fairways with Bentgrass and apply compost on top.  Both of these materials are very light in weight and would blow away from the intended area of application.  This has forced us to delay seeding and composting until Thursday and Friday.  Unfortunately this will have to take place through play. This is the best thing to do because but if we did not wait the money spent on the seed and compost would be wasted.


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