Friday, March 5, 2010

Opening For Play

After nearly three months of snow cover the golf course will once again be open for play. This past weeks mild temperatures combined with snow removal has once again made the golf course mostly playable.

There still will be many northern exposure areas which are holding snow, but overall the majority of the course is clear. Currently three of the holes remain unplayable (#1,#3 and #4) other wise you will be able to get out and enjoy the course once again. We have begun the enormous task of cleaning up the Elk crap and Pine needles that were deposited in large quantities throughout. Our initial efforts have been made to both the greens and tees and will move onto fairways as weather and time allows.

The greens will once again be open for play after being on temporaries through the winter months. The use of temporary greens is perhaps one of the most important things we do to protect the overall heath of the greens. The elimination of golf traffic in the winter allows us to better fight Poa Annua and unnecessary wear and tear on the greens when they are unable to repair themselves. This break allows the greens to come out in the spring in better condition and be better suited for upcoming season long stress that they are subjected to.

Lingering Snow In Northern Exposures
Flags Back On The Greens


Anonymous said...

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