Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Initial Impressions

As the snow cover recedes throughout the course I have been given the opportunity to get my first real look at how things faired over the winter. Many of theses areas have been under snow cover since December, so some areas were a mystery as to what was there.

Snow melt revealing areas of healthy turf

Overall I think things have made it through relatively unscathed with the occasional areas of Snow Mold and Vole damage in the rough. The main play areas such as greens, tees, and fairways appear to be in good shape. Minor Snow Mold break through has occurred on a few fairways of which will not have any lasting effects.

Minor Snow Mold break through

I am perhaps most surprised by the lack of Vole damage in the rough areas. Typically when we have periods of extended snow cover the Vole populations explode due to a lack of competition from predators such as Eagles, Hawks and Coyotes.

Our efforts in managing the snow and ice accumulations on the course this season appear to be paying off once again. It goes to show you that a little extra effort does pay off in the long run.