Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Signs of Life

Today we were able to witness some of the fruits of our labor by activating some of the new irrigation laterals. Over the last several weeks we have been installing pipe and fittings, but have not been able to activate them until today. We have been waiting on an electro fusion machine that was ordered several weeks ago that has finally arrived.

Over the last week progress has been slowed due to winter making an early appearance. Towards the end of the week we lost four days in which work could be done due to the snow cover and subsequent melting causing a significant mess. Unfortunately the forecast does not look good for the next several days with more snow on its way.

Our window for completion of work this fall is rapidly closing, but we will be doing everything possible to get this project as close to completion as possible. Anything that remains incomplete will be worked on over the course of the winter and early spring as weather allows.