Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Keep Off The Grass

As we have daily frost formation on the turf, it is important that all foot and cart traffic remain off until the frost has completely melted. The damage caused can be significant, but with a little care and consideration taken by all on the course early in the morning will go a long way.

Here are two pictures that show how quickly the damage can occur to the turf when a heavy frost cover occurs. The first picture was taken early in the morning when the frost was still heavy and clearly shows foot prints from someone out walking the course early. The second picture show the same area later in the day and the foot prints from the morning are now black showing the damage to the turf.

For more information about frost check out this previous post


Ryan Palm said...

I really enjoy the blog, I created a link to your blog over on my blog regarding the frost. Here in Maryland we're not quite at the frost level, but its just around the corner. Keep up the posting, it is really interesting reading.

Also, good luck with the range project, please do post pictures as things progress.

Ryan Palm

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments.