Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saved By The Snow

A little over four weeks ago the irrigation system was blown out as a part of our normal winter preparations. During this time we took the opportunity to convert the existing pump station as well as add a new booster station. While this work was taking place we were fortunate to have snow cover on the ground protecting the turf.

Last week the warm Chinook winds came in and quickly removed significant portions of snow throughout the golf course. We began operating two water tankers on the course and began watering stressed tree drip lines as well as southern exposed mounds. This process is very slow and inefficient, due to the large amount of areas that are in need of attention.

The timing of this eight inch powder could not have been better, because if it had not fallen we would be pressuring up the frost free component of the irrigation system. This would have proven to be a challenge due to the fact that some the pump station work has not been completed. The main pump station is complete, but the new booster station is waiting for power service to be brought in.

The Booster station requires three phase 440 volt service which unfortunately is not easily available. A portion of the work has been done by setting the transformer, but we are still waiting for the power to be run in from IREA. One of the last obstacles we are dealing with now is getting the power across Country Club Drive which sits on cap rock. Current plans are to bore under the road, but I am not so sure how well that will work based on what I have seen during other phases of the project so far.

This segment of work has been the most frustrating for me since this process was started back in September with IREA. We have dealt with several hurdles along the way such as; finding a nearby power source, acquiring easements from adjacent property owners and lastly meeting schedule. All in all things seem to be working out even though the timing has not been perfect or gone exactly as planned.