Saturday, January 24, 2009

Like Putting Lipstick On A Pig

That is probably the best way to describe what were are doing on the driving range to upgrade the system operation.

The irrigation renovation project as whole does not include the driving range, due to the fact that in the next several years the current landforms will change. The current target greens will be relocated, bunkering and fairways will also be added for more purposeful practicing. This project has not yet been approved and will more than likely take several years to get back on the Green Committees radar.

For the short term, we will be upgrading the irrigation components on the range by recycling some of the better parts coming out of the ground from the old system. These items will include heads that are less that four years old, swing joints and new station wiring.

This new wiring will give us the ability to re-wire the remaining old system on the range and have it function as apart of the new irrigation system. For the last several years the irrigation on the driving range has been inoperable most of the time with brief periods of moderate functionality.

I have been asked many times over the years why the range is always off color and the answer is that only a portion of it effectively communicates with the central computer. Additionally a significant number of heads do not even function because of station wiring issues and sprinkler failures. With the work we are currently undertaking, the driving range should give the appearance of being a part of the new system even though it is not.

Station Wiring Strung Out

Wire Plowed Into The Ground